Dedicated to helping children build confidence and make remarkable progress in their learning, Mariam Impala founded Enrichment Tutoring, where children are supported, nurtured and accelerated throughout their educational journey.

Mariam is a highly qualified and experienced primary school teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. Being a specialist Enrichment and Learning teacher, she brings a wealth of education and tutoring experience from a range of elite private and public schools including St Andrews Cathedral School, MLC, Meriden, Trinity Grammar and Birchgrove Public School.

Over the years, Mariam noticed on many occasions the unique strengths and abilities of students were sometimes overlooked due to generic, cut-and-paste teaching styles. In some instances, insufficient personalised and focused attention were given to each child. Unfortunately, this led to frustrated students and parents, poor results and ultimately, an inability for children to reach their full potential. This prompted Mariam to establish her own private tutoring college in 2007 to cater to a wide range of learning needs, with a real emphasis on personalised education, an evidence-based approach and small focused groups.

Mariam has a proven track record of aiding students make tremendous progress in areas of literacy and numeracy, in a nurturing manner that builds confidence.

Mariam holds a Bachelor of Primary Education majoring in Gifted and Talented Education from The University of Sydney. She also completed ‘Making Thinking Visible’, a unique critical thinking teaching program through Harvard University. Mariam is an accredited Cogmed Coach, a global, evidenced-based program used to train and enhance working memory. She is also an accredited and experienced THRASS teacher, enabling enhanced reading and spelling acquisition.

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